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Erix Logan
Sara Maya

Erix Logan Sara


Erix Logan
Sara Maya

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« Erix Logan, an innovative illusionist, and Sara Maya, a versatile singer turned magical performer, unite in a mesmerizing collaboration. S2A International proudly represents this exceptional duo, showcasing their unique blend of magic and artistry that transcends traditional boundaries. They offer unforgettable and enchanting experiences to audiences worldwide. »

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Erix Logan Sara

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Erix Logan, an innovative illusionist, and Sara Maya, a talented singer turned magical performer, form a remarkable duo blending magic and artistry in captivating performances. Their collaboration transcends traditional magic, incorporating music and storytelling to deliver unforgettable experiences. Erix’s imaginative illusions and Sara’s artistic background converge harmoniously, setting a new standard in live entertainment. Together, they enchant audiences with elegance, charm, and a modernized approach to magic that touches the heart and stimulates the imagination.

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