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JunWoo Park


JunWoo Park

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« JunWoo Park, a talented South Korean magician, is proudly represented by S2A International. Known for his modern and sophisticated style, he has achieved numerous competition victories, establishing himself as a leading figure in the world of magic. His captivating and innovative performances set him apart as an exceptional artist. He has also been awarded the prestigious title of World Champion of Manipulation. »

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JunWoo Park

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JunWoo Park, a talented South Korean magician, is renowned for his modern and sophisticated magic style. With multiple competition victories, he is a prominent figure in the magic world. His performances on « Britain’s Got Talent » and his innovative act « Shape Of a Sound » have captivated audiences globally. Winning the Manipulation category at FISM, he was honored with the Mandrake d’Or in Paris. JunWoo Park’s dynamic and enchanting performances showcase his exceptional talent, establishing him as an outstanding artist.

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