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Marc Métral

Marc Metral dog


Marc Métral

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« The great artist Marc Métral, whose exceptional mastery of ventriloquism captivates global audiences, is proudly and honorably represented by S2A International. With a career spanning 18 years at the world’s most famous cabaret, the Moulin Rouge in Paris, his unique charisma and refined humor make him a pioneer in the art, enchanting viewers with his ingenuity on stage. »

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Marc Metral dog

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About Marc Métral


Marc Métral, a master ventriloquist renowned for his innovative act with the « eloquent dog, » captivated global audiences at the prestigious Moulin Rouge and gained fame on « Britain’s Got Talent. » His polyglot talent and creative collaborations on international TV platforms showcase his dedication to pushing the boundaries of ventriloquism. With meticulous craftsmanship in his workshop, Marc’s performances reflect a soulful artistry that resonates with audiences, giving voice to the voiceless and imbuing his art with profound emotion.

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