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Mortenn Christiansen



Mortenn Christiansen

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« Mortenn Christiansen, the FISM 2022 comedy champion, defies convention in magic with his innovative approach. Starting at a local magic shop, he mastered English for instructions, entering competitions despite initial disinterest in performing. His unique journey and dedication to originality make him a captivating trailblazer. S2A International is proud to represent this exceptional artist. »

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Mortenn Christiansen, the FISM 2022 comedy champion, shares his remarkable journey in magic, shaped by a lack of role models. Starting at a local magic shop at twelve, he mastered English for magic instructions and entered competitions despite initial disinterest in performing. Mortenn’s innovative magic approach has earned him global acclaim as a trailblazer in the industry. He advocates for personal magic exploration, emphasizing originality and perseverance. His message encourages aiming higher, creating uniquely, and impressing intelligently in the magical community. Mortenn can perform his act in Danish, English, Spanish, and French.

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