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Nans Marco

Nans Marco Artist ventriloq


Nans Marco

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« Nans Marco, an award-winning and uniquely talented ventriloquist, has captivated millions on YouTube and social media. Performing on prestigious stages worldwide, he was runner-up on « France’s Got Talent » at age 11 and won Silver Junior at Monte-Carlo’s Circus Festival by age 13. S2A International is honored to represent this extraordinary multilingual artist. »

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Nans Marco Artist ventriloq

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About Nans Marco


At 19, Nans Marco, an award-winning young ventriloquist, has millions of views on YouTube and social media. He’s performed on prestigious stages from Russia to Italy, the UK, and Japan. At 11, he was runner-up on « France’s Got Talent. » By 13, he won the Silver Junior at Monte-Carlo’s Circus Festival, invited by Princess Stéphanie of Monaco. The first to win France’s Ventriloquist Champion twice at 17, he performed for the French President and toured New York. He performs in French, English, Italian, and Spanish.

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