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Patrick Dessi

Patrick Dessi


Patrick Dessi

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« Norbert Ferré, a two-time world magic champion, captivates audiences across six continents with his shows blending magic, humor, and self-deprecation. S2A International is honored to work with this exceptional artist, whose innovative approach and dedication to magic inspire and delight worldwide. »

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Patrick Dessi

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About Patrick Dessi


Patrick Dessi, lecturer and master of Close-up magic, is much more than an accomplished magician. Born on July 4, 1956, in La Ciotat, France, he has successfully combined his passion for the magical arts with a career as a Professor of ENT Surgery in Marseille, creating a unique and fascinating path. Recognized for his mastery, he has developed numerous innovative techniques and routines, making him an essential reference in the field of magic.

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